Reputation is Important, but Character is Priceless!
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"I had the pleasure in meeting Travis when he put my sister's house up for sale. I had started looking for houses to buy myself at that time, but I had not yet found a realtor. I took his business card and was instantly on the road to a new house! I cannot begin to explain how greatful I am for Travis. He sent me information on houses new to the market weekly, and if I had found houses on my own he was extremely quick to learn everything about them and send me information. He was able to show me the houses I asked about within a week. After about the first 5 houses we had seen I swear Travis knew exactly what I was looking for. He was always honest. We could walk in the front door of a house, take one look around, and Travis would say let's go, not worth it. I loved that about him. He knew I didn't want a fixer upper, but would stay in my price range unless I wanted to see something out of my range. When we finally saw the house I bought, he knew before I did that it was the one. I could not be happier in a different house than I am in this one! I think the best thing about Travis is communication. He has many ways of communicating with his clients and he is very quick about it. Texting, email, phone calls you name it! There were nights I would email him about a house I wanted to see, and it would be midnight (I work the midnight shift) and he would instantly email me back that he would have information for me soon. I honestly felt like he had all of my attention all of the time, and that was amazing! Anyone I know who is looking for a realtor I give them Travis Conti's name. I hope you all do the same!"

--Allison Curtice